Horoscopes (Jan. 1-7)

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James Noellert

ARIES | March 21 – April 20: I see lots of tests pinning you to the wall. With Pluto and Saturn T-boning your Sun, it could be your health, your job, or your love life. There could also be family matters that are over the top. Getting through these types of stresses and pressures leaves us subject to fear and doubt. You guys are tougher than the average bear, so that helps. Still, no one can deny that there are some big lessons here. Any crisis is an opportunity for us to heal the "stuff" that gave birth to it. Can you undo the damage? Or is it too hard to confront? Bite the bullet and go pearl diving; the answers lie within.

TAURUS | April 21 – May 20: When things are in a holding pattern, it's best to realize that this too shall pass. Instead of drowning in the sense that nothing will change, start preparing yourself for what could be once Hell actually does freeze over and you get to move on. Did it ever occur to you that you got stranded here to dissect the issues that have turned this into a party for your blind spots? Plowing through the wreckage is no picnic, but you can't get to the other side until it's all cleared up. Relief is closer than you think. Get your dreams in shape. They'll be on tap in about three months.

GEMINI | May 21 – June 20: You have no time to think. That's a blessing because you can't wrap your mind around any of this. Themes that relate to the whole concept of waiting for certain things to come through — or for people to figure out what they want, or for something to show you what's next — are all over the place. You guys never have much trouble picking up and moving on. The need to reassess your options in light of recent developments keeps the conversation in your head on a track that tells me you already read the signs. It'll be a couple of months before you see the writing on the wall.

CANCER | June 21 – July 20: You've been minding your own business and toeing the line for quite some time. At this point, you've started to fall in love with whatever it's taken to restore your body, mind, and spirit. In the course of going deeper into the mystery, lots of things have fallen by the wayside, only to be replaced by people and interests that have more to do with who you've become. In the next few weeks, there will be opportunities to engage with others that test the extent to which you've lost the need to diminish yourself. This is bound to shake things up a bit, but you're totally ready for it.

LEO | July 21 – August 20: It's your turn to be there for someone. It looks like they could use more support, or a bit more of your time. You're most likely busy as Hell, but sometimes matters of the heart take precedence over the drumbeat that keeps us and our plans marching on. On another front, you're wondering about your purpose. Is all of this really what you're meant to be doing? Does any of it make a difference? Time marches on, and more than anything, you want what you do to mean something. Give a week or two to the one who needs you, and while you're at it, take time to reflect upon deeper things.

VIRGO | August 21 – Sept. 20: Sometimes we wind up halfway between the past and the future. In that still point, it's hard to have any clarity about what's going on. It looks like you're processing a lot on the inner planes. It would make sense that you have to do some deep-diving at a time like this. Much of the past needs to be reckoned with before the future can open up. Part of it will involve watching old, outworn connections fall by the wayside. Do not despair. In and around this, your outer reality is expanding in a good way. Keep your eyes peeled because these new opportunities will take you far.

LIBRA | Sept. 21 – Oct. 20: You dread being caught doing anything less than what it takes to be perfect. To expect so much from yourself makes me wonder why anyone would need to set the bar so high. At a time when it might be better to cut yourself a little slack, you keep showing up with bells on. There's a fine line between being strong and capable and being OCD. And if the latter is your drug of choice, these things catch up with us at the end of the day. The deeper part of you may be starving for whatever you don't have time to give it. Switch to decaf, take a day off, and give yourself room to breathe.

SCORPIO | Oct. 21 – Nov. 20: Sometimes we make it through things by putting on a happy face and ignoring the stuff that pushes our buttons. Call it being polite, call it not wanting to make waves, or maybe tell yourself it's OK to shove everything under the rug just to keep the peace. These things catch up with us, and what gets suppressed tends to fester. You can pat yourself on the back for controlling your emotions just so long. It's unhealthy to back away from the darkness. Now would be the time to let yourself blow up in private, sound off to a trusted friend, or have a pillow fight with your therapist.

SAGITTARIUS | Nov. 21 – Dec. 20: Within the framework of a huge amount of responsibility, it might be useful to breathe deep and reflect upon what you've accomplished in the last few weeks. Yes, there is still more to do, but the hard part is over. Recognizing the fact that the balance has shifted and the ball is totally in your court has made you much stronger. When it's all said and done, it's as if somebody just handed you the keys to the kingdom. With that in mind, now you get to look at all of this knowing that you can do anything you want in a situation that has "Dream Come True" written all over it.

CAPRICORN | Dec. 21 – Jan. 20: You don't need a crystal ball to figure this one out. Do your best to get real. The business of "keeping on, keeping on" is where it's at right now. Don't over-dramatize things. No matter who we are, it all comes down to chopping wood and carrying water. If you've become overly dependent on others, knock it off! Grow up and take care of yourself. If you're already there, stay honest and be content with whatever the situation requires. Soon, there will be plenty of movement and change. You can grease those wheels by working hard and keeping it simple.

AQUARIUS | Jan. 21 – Feb. 20: Now that everything is at stake, the ones who want a piece of it are crawling out of the woodwork. You've been here before; you have your Ph.D. in situations like this. At this point, there are huge needs for higher levels of discernment. If you think you've got that covered, guess again. Anyone with half a brain could get your number and play you as easily as the next person. Open eyes are essential. The worm in the apple is hard to see until you reach the core. With all the B.S. and conning you've got going on, it's time to turn on the shit detector and let it run full blast.

PISCES | Feb. 21 – March 20: Do your best to hunker down and wait this out. Don't try to exert your influence on a situation that needs you to sit back and let it be. Whether you're aware of it or not, there's a huge amount of inner stuff that needs to be sorted out. Recent events have altered the playing field in ways that could not have been foreseen. Before you stick your neck out far enough to reckon with what's next, know that there will be a huge gap between what you expected and what you'll face. That's OK. It'll be bigger and better than you ever imagined. Get ready to sprout wings and fly!

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