Horoscopes (Feb. 17-24)

ARIES (March 21 – April 20):

You have so much going for you. All of it is being supported by aspects that would inspire most people to wake up. How this is working for you could be easy or hard, depending on how you relate to yourself. Many of you are too fiery to be receptive to forces that are even more powerful than your ego; it would be so great if you could back off and let life show you how it needs to go. Those of you who are lighter and less forceful in your methods will have a much easier time tuning in to the winds of change and making the most of things that could turn your life around.

TAURUS: April 21 – May 20

After all of this you're wondering if it's worth it to keep nursing a situation that has 'leave it alone' written all over it. If persistence pays off, you haven't seen much reward for your effort. Even if you're feeling appreciated, whoever's telling you whatever you want to hear hasn't offered anything concrete to show you how much they care. Without it you get the sense that you're being used. As the next few weeks unfold, take a good look at what you're getting out of this because it looks like you're fed up and are just beginning to realize that it's time to let go.

GEMINI: May 21 – June 20

You can't be sure about anything right now. Too much seems to be converging all at once for you to be able to see it for what it is. As usual, you need to be particularly careful about where others are coming from. The fact that they come across as honest doesn't mean they are; and your tendency to gloss things over isn't working for you either. If you're smart you'll relax when it comes to making too many commitments and wait to see how people react when they don't get an immediate 'yes' from you. Too much is on the line for you to risk it. Don't misplace your trust.

CANCER: June 21 – July 20

Things have gotten tense. It looks like you're too wound up to get real. Others aren't sure where you're coming from and the situation will get better or worse depending on your willingness to come clean about what's going on. A lot of this has to do with them; as much of it has to do with you. Before you can get on with the show the truth has to come out. The last thing you want to do is hurt people's feelings, so find a way to say, or do whatever you've got to do without blowing too many minds. None of this has to come to an end but it can't go on in this condition.

LEO: July 21 – August 20

You think you know everything; well maybe you do, but you're not the only voice in the crowd. And while you may be right about all of this, you won't get anyone else to see it your way until you give them a chance to air their views. The ability to 'listen' will take you a lot farther than anything else you do to make your influence felt. Life is heating up in ways that are making it easy to get lost in superficial issues. None of those issues will be resolved if you get too wrapped up in the drama to remember to stay centered and grounded enough to remain objective to it all.

VIRGO: August 21 – September 20

You're in the middle of something that you will not fully understand for another 20 years. By the time you figure it out you will realize that this is where everything came out in the wash. For better or worse, here you are, wrestling with the crux of your purpose for living walking the fine line between love and fear. The only thing that matters right now is where you decide to place your trust and the extent to which you understand that we are living in a time when love has to be the guiding principle in everything we do. Seen from that point of view, your choices seem clear.

LIBRA: September 21 – October 20

You've got your hands full. It's interesting how you always act like you don't know how it got this way. Life gets complicated when we try to make it too big, and it goes crazy whenever we go out of integrity. When things get like this we get too busy and circumstances make it hard for us to be accountable for ourselves. You stopped asking questions a while back and are living with the consequences of whatever you thought you knew the answer to. The good news is; you're about to come to terms with the truth and reclaim the things that matter most to you.

SCORPIO: October 21 – November 20

In a perfect world things would look a lot different, but if you are honest you will see that you've got a big share of what you always thought you wanted. You make it hard for yourself when you can't take it as it comes. You seem to forget; there are no mistakes and things are exactly as they should be. Ask yourself what you want out of this? Others will respond, or not, to the extent that they are able. Until that happens, you need time and space to sort things out, reclaim your power, and connect with the fact that it never works to sacrifice your life or yourself in the name of love.

SAGITTARIUS: November 21 – December 20

Let go of any need to be shackled by convention. On some level you've just about had it and could use a good trip out of here. Too much nothing has turned into craziness. How you go about it is up to you, but it's time to shake the dust off your monotony. Depending on your rate of recuperation it could take a month to remember what you're here for. Something new is definitely waiting. It seems to be wrapped in an opportunity that you can only connect with in another set of coordinates, so pack your bags and let serendipity take you to whatever's next.

CAPRICORN: December 21 – January 20

The next big thing is making you wonder if it's worth it to be this involved with outer things, or if it's time to go within and forget about it. You're not sure where you stand. At this point the need to walk in both worlds is being impacted by the fact that we seem to be half-past-human, stranded somewhere between this dimension and the next. I don't know how to explain this but it looks like you're about to crack the code that will allow you to take the best of both worlds and make something new and beautiful with what is already in place. How that works, is up to you.

AQUARIUS:January 21 – February 20

You're feeling totally blessed. Savor the moment because life is about to turn into another round of 'balls to the wall.' Fortunately, what lies up on the road ahead isn't anything you haven't seen, or had to deal with, before. If it gives you cold comfort to know that you'll know this territory like the back of your hand, there's a little relief in knowing that it won't require anything new from you. And whatever time it takes up won't be enough to rob you of time for yourself — during which you need to cook up what's next and set yourself free to do whatever you please.

PISCES: February 21 – March 20

Reckoning with our blind spots is one of those things that we can never be sure about. You thought you had yourself all figured out until lately. There is an amazing amount of weight bearing down on you. At the moment you've got everything it takes to cope beautifully with a situation that has gone beyond both your experience and comprehension. I think they call this, 'The Big Stuff.' For you, it is what it is; but underneath it all, whatever's going on is blessing you with a chance to finally come to terms with what you would never be able to see on your own.

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