Horoscopes (December 9 - 15)

Dec 9, 2015 at 1:00 am

ARIES (March 21 – April 20): Standing between the past and the future you are totally aware of how important this moment is to you. It doesn't matter if you're on an upswing or a downswing, everything hinges on what's whirling around you right now. As your free will argues with the thought that you can't allow yourself to have what you've always wanted, the bigger part of you is more than aware that it is not only, entirely possible, it's right here in front of you. Make no mistake. This is it folks. With that in mind, put your heart to the wheel and keep the faith. Being 100 percent here for this is all that matters.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 20): You have it all figured out on so many levels. Don't worry so much about how it's going right now. What doesn't look the way it's supposed to is rearranging itself in ways that could surprise you, if you are willing to keep your fingers out of the machinery. I see huge needs to get real about your relationship situation. Many of you are up against people and things that are messed up. With more than one opportunity to break out and connect with situations that could do you a world of good, it makes no sense to drag it all down, just because you're too afraid to break out.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20): You would do well to look at what you expect out of this. Don't assume that you can stretch those expectations over a situation that is ill equipped to fill them. It's OK to go for it but before you do, know that you have to be willing to live with whatever comes out of it. This could go either way. The kicker will come in the form of words, messages, and phone calls that rearrange your thinking. Don't let the usual stuff and/or the usual suspects cancel out your objectivity. This is one of those times when every single one of your actions needs to spin out from a point of truth.

CANCER (June 21 – July 20): Hope springs eternal. You are totally at one with the fact that this is all going to turn out just fine. On the edge of the knife, there is no other way to see it. You will have to wait until the seasons change before you know how the next few months will unfold. I see levels of tension and pressure that are dealable because they go with the territory in the midst of this much change. Any fears you might have about whether you've done the right thing? Let them fade in the face of the thought that your current situation is birthing the seed for things that will bear fruit in nine months.

LEO (July 21 – August 20): It would be easier to be you if you had a little more certainty. Nothing seems to add up. Everything seems irrelevant. And here you are, doing whatever it takes to make things work. Before you can move on with your life you're going to need to take stock of how you got from A to B. Others are putting the pressure on. Whatever form it takes, avoid the tendency to cave in. Look at what it got you the last time and sit tight. Going from pillar to post is unnerving. You could keep getting tossed around. Stabilize and ground yourself enough to be here for this.

VIRGO (August 21 – September 20): You are in a situation that keeps you stranded between two poles. Going back and forth, opens the space for you to see yourself. At the moment the ebb and flow of energy is at the mercy of people and things that call you to get off the see-saw. And what pulls you toward one thing or another, has to be weighed against what will allow you to be who you are. Openings that involve people of influence and opportunities to travel, study, or teach are much more than they seem. This looks like a chance to get involved in projects that will really make a difference.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 20):Short term successes have bolstered a sagging ego, and/or the sense that it might be time to throw in the towel. You feel totally blessed. And thank God. Because when you're on a roll you can make beautiful things happen in no time at all. Life is very much on tenterhooks. Thankfully, you are ready for whatever it takes - and these recent events have added so much to the idea that it's pointless to get stuck or get caught up in thinking that you can hold on to anything that isn't there! Onward and upward! Whatever you're up to, it's definitely time for you to get on with the show.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 20):On a good day you've got it all figured out. On a bad day, you wonder why you're not getting what you need. At this point any chance of earning your keep is hung up in limbo. The sense that you could go under is being buttressed by efforts to recharge your batteries and start all over from scratch. It's going well, or it's at a standstill; either way, you're in the middle of changes that call you to get real about the money piece without sacrificing all of who you are to it. Your prospects are building. Look forward to new people, places and things and a chance to move on.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21 – December 20): You haven't got time for anything but work and sleep, right now. It challenges every fiber of your being. You thrive on creating a sense of expansion and by adding inspiration to everything you do. If you can't get around the routine, your only option is to make it as meaningful as you can. Close others need you more than ever. The extended family is nipping at your heels. With too much going on to begin with, it would be great if you had a magic wand that could multiply you times ten. As the next few weeks unfold, downsize the schedule and give yourself room to breathe.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 20): The pressure has been intense; sort of like being in a nut-cracker. Don't lose sight of the fact that this could be as hard as it gets, and remember to keep the light on. No matter what things look like on the surface, the inner stuff is what's in charge. Life would be easier if this was just about you. The fates of so many others are tied in with this experience, you are overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility that has overtaken the freedom to be yourself. You can handle anything. At this point it would be great if something showed up to add a pinch of Joy to the situation.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 20): You have everything going for you. Too much of a good thing? Maybe. Those of you who are juggling more opportunities than you can count are having problems most of us would envy. Support in the areas of your life that further your ambitions has amped things up a notch. You aren't sure about any of it because it has been a total surprise. As things unfold and life fleshes out the true nature of what lies ahead, your choices need to be geared toward making success coherent with your inner needs. This could involve a move. Relocation? Are you up for it?

PISCES (Feb. 21-March 20): You don't know if you're coming or going, but, what else is new? The need to be all things to all people, and/or, everywhere, all at once is getting to be too much. If you're good at being a chameleon you might be enjoying this. However it's going, the minute the light show starts making you nuts, you better stop and think about what's really going on. The stuff that goes with being in a "Should I stay or should I go?" situation has a lot to do with your schizophrenia. Things are not cut and dry. Hang in there. You can't make any clear choices until the fog lifts.