Horoscopes (Aug. 7-13)

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Horoscopes (Aug. 7-13)
James Noellert

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VIRGO: August 21 – Sept. 20

Sometimes it takes everything we've got to rise above things. The tendency to get swamped by too many pressures rings up a lot of fear. What we forget when we're done in by these things is that no matter how hard things get, or how broke we are, everything is happening for a reason — and all of it is perfect. Praying for the strength to make it through in one piece is where it's at right now. It won't help to complain, or wring your hands in despair. Try to carry this weight with a light heart. This will make it easier to find the lesson in it; it might even inspire you to ask for help.

LIBRA: Sept.r 21 – Oct. 20

You didn't realize how much spilling the beans would affect people. If you're wondering why everything's nuts, it's because your truth-telling opened the floodgates. When one thing changes, everything changes; that's the way it goes. Your confession was made from a place of wanting to set things straight, but unfortunately, now everyone involved has to rearrange their thoughts and feelings just to accommodate it. No wonder the fur is flying! Will things settle down? It all depends on the extent to which others are willing to face the facts and be honest with themselves.

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