Horoscopes (April 22-28)

Apr 22, 2020 at 1:00 am
Horoscopes (April 22-28)
James Noellert

ARIES: March 21 – April 20: You can't rush things. As much as it would feel better to get your show on the road, it will take time. It would be good if you could trust the fact that whatever you're involved in has a life of its own, and none of this is beholden to your impatience. What to do while you wait? I see huge needs for reflection; clean up your own back yard. Old habits, along with whatever it is that you do to delude yourself could use an overhaul. Your relationships with others include behaviors that make it easy for you to do what's expedient at the expense of whatever it takes to be 100% honest.

TAURUS: April 21 – May 20: You get an A+ when it comes to making adjustments. The way you've handled yourself in the last six months has made it possible for who you really are to come out from behind the door. Other people's expectations, along with the weight of the past, are less of an issue these days. As a result, your work and/or your creative energy are soaring into new areas of thought and expression. Stay the course and be open to the ways in which the light you shine awakens and heals everything you touch. This is a magical time. Don't let anyone tell you to keep a lid on it.

GEMINI: May 21 – June 20: You can't put the cart before the horse. Your dream date won't show up until you make a few adjustments. Start by realizing that you are terminally attracted to the last thing you need, and go from there. It might also help you to figure out that you think that love means putting up with anything; it does not. I see opportunities to shift your relationship M.O. showing up in the form of people who want to engage. None of these liaisons need to last forever. They're here to give you a chance to observe yourself and to shift away from habits that keep you tied to the same old thing.

CANCER: June 21 – July 20: The rug just got pulled out from underneath your security blanket. Now that it's gone, your biggest fears are on the loudspeaker. That's OK. It's at times like this that we put our money where our mouths are — or not. You profess to believe that everything is subject to the power of Spirit. In this moment of total insecurity, here you sit, noticing how hard it is to trust that concept when the platitudes fizzle. It's time to get real enough to realize that what makes us special is what we're able to pull up from within when the dreamcatcher unravels and the going gets rough.

LEO: July 21 – August 20: You don't really have to do anything but keep up the good work. Things have gotten to the point where the lesson revolves around knowing that it all comes from "You." Being in the habit of expecting the Angel of Answers or the White Knight to show up and rescue you from every dilemma, it's time to roll up your sleeves and realize that whatever you're looking for lives inside you. The relationship scene looks like it's full of potential. If there are decisions to make, don't hesitate to jump right in, or cut the cord. Either way, trust your gut.

VIRGO: August 21 – Sept. 20: In the center of a maelstrom, it's impossible to remain objective to what is happening. Having just been torn asunder, you're lost in space. All of your usual tricks aren't working, and the ones who used to help you sort this stuff out are nowhere in sight. If this seems like it's more than you can handle, buck up. It's in these moments where we feel totally abandoned that we begin to find out what we're connected to, and what sustains us. Give yourself space and time to re-center yourself in the place that is invincible and totally clear about where to go when the going gets rough.

LIBRA: Sept. 21 – Oct. 20: You've got it all sewn up in ways that defy analysis. Never the one to get thrown off guard, even in the midst of the tough stuff, you maintain your balance. Internally? Yes, of course, it's another story. And right now I would put money on the idea that you're freaking out inside. Keep doing whatever it takes to project the impression that you're cool as a cucumber. Underneath all of that, things are in a tailspin, and the deeper part of you needs help — or at least a little guidance on the subject of what to do about ourselves when it's easier to pretend than it is to fall apart at the seams.

SCORPIO: Oct. 21 – Nov. 20: You just graduated from a huge test with flying colors — congratulations! People with baseline intentions have been sniffing around, doing whatever it takes to get you to bow to their will. At first glance, all of this looked like the answer to a prayer. On second thought, you realized that what showed up to seduce you was actually an insult! In the course of setting things straight, you woke up to the fact that you're too smart to be taken in by those who prey on your weak spots. If what got lost in the shuffle ever mattered, guess what — it doesn't matter now, and you're OK without it!

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 21 – Dec. 20: What's right in your face is the gap between your ideals and your ability to embody them. It's one thing to say you believe this and that, and quite another to have every fiber of your being reflect it. This has to be hitting home for you in a big way. As deep-rooted issues that may have only been addressed in your mind rise to the surface, it becomes imperative to look them in the eye. Your tendency to turn everything into water off a duck's back works in your favor more often than not. At times like this, it works better to get serious, just long enough to face the truth.

CAPRICORN: Dec. 21 – Jan. 20: Lots of things are at a standstill. Yet again, you feel as if everything is starting over. Halfway between the thought that you're getting nowhere and the need to summon up enough momentum to get back on the ball, you're stuck at the place where fixed ideas interfere with infinite possibilities. Stretch your boundaries. Get over needing to do things by the book. This goes for your work and your relationships. As far as the latter goes, eradicate the need to please people and see who sticks around when you get down to the business of being yourself.

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21 – Feb. 20: In the course of having to rearrange more than a few things, you've opened your eyes to the fact that others may not be who they're cracked up to be. Pay attention to the way they play their hand over the next few weeks. Their true colors will get fleshed out one way or another. If things fly south, know that it's not your fault that you gave them more credit than they deserved. It's both a blessing and a curse that you assume that everyone comes from the same level of integrity that operates within you. Your biggest lesson lies in realizing that this isn't always the case.

PISCES: Feb. 21 – March 20: The vultures are circling around, eyeing up your situation and waiting to swoop in and take advantage. If you're aware of this, you're better off. If you're clueless about it, God bless you. The vulture analogy may be too extreme. If so, then it's about putting out more than your share of time and energy while others reap the benefits. Any way you slice it, buffing up on your hardball tactics and knowing enough to say "no" instead of "yes" is where it's at right now. Lose the need to be overly kind. You've got too much to lose. Wake up and see people for what they're worth.

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