Horoscopes (April 15-21)

Apr 15, 2020 at 1:00 am
Horoscopes (April 15-21)
James Noellert

ARIES: March 21 – April 20: Try to keep it simple. What's up right now will be easier to handle if you can follow that line. You're bound to run into others who throw a monkey wrench into the works and complicate things enough to drive you crazy. Some of them are too emotionally involved with either you or your plans; or this is about nut-jobs who aren't self-aware enough to leave their primary issues at home. Not being one to hold back when it's time to put people in their place, you can stave off various forms of interference by telling whoever's in the way to shape up, ship out, or get a life.

TAURUS: April 21 – May 20: Everything has turned out for the best. What seemed like it might knock you off your feet wound up giving you a whole new lease on life. New situations and a new network of connections are here to set the rest of your life in motion. If your relationships have improved, it's because you knew enough to give everyone plenty of time and space to figure things out for themselves. This, in turn, has given you time and space to clear your own head. Gravity is stronger at a distance, and life goes better when we tend to our own affairs instead of expecting others to eat our dust.

GEMINI: May 21 – June 20: You can't blame people for questioning some of your recent choices. On some level, it's none of their business. In addition to that, they don't have all the facts. If you want to keep the peace, figure out how to agree to disagree and do what you think is best. The possibility that you have to leave town for a while is out there. It could be on business. It could also be time to distance yourself from people and things that have gotten a little too up close and personal. It looks to me like there's work to do, and all of your best energy needs to go into whatever it takes to handle it.

CANCER: June 21 – July 20: You've got it made on a lot of levels. It's good to feel so comfortable. This habitat you've created for yourself meets every need. There's something to be said for that, especially after some of the things that have come down of late. I hate to be the pebble in your shoe, but let me remind you that we stop growing when life gets too comfy. With a few reasons to want to distance yourself from thorns in your side, along with big needs to take a new approach to your work, would you be willing to look at relocating? Something tells me you don't need to be rooted to this spot.

LEO: July 21 – August 20: You have a lot of things staring you in the face. This is one of those times when you'd do well to trim off all the dead wood. This means letting go of people, places, and things that have outlived their usefulness. This includes worn-out perceptions and beliefs. None of us are prepared for moments like this. We're programmed to believe that things go on forever; but the truth is they don't. As with any living thing, our growth depends on trimming back what we've outgrown to make room for what's next. If you can do this, a whole new game plan will emerge within three months.

VIRGO: August 21 – Sept. 20: Nobody said this would be easy. You seem to be at a loss when it comes to clarity about how you got here. It would help if you could stop criticizing yourself for going too far, or too fast, and winding up out in the cold or in over your head. For now, simmer down enough to assess the situation objectively. In the end, this will resolve itself and you'll wake up one day wondering why you didn't see the forest for the trees from the get-go. Sudden turnarounds are not out of the question. You might surprise yourself by trading in "Showcase Number One" for what's behind the curtain.

LIBRA: Sept. 21 – Oct. 20: In the middle of a big growth spurt, it stands to reason that things might feel a little tense. Outgrowing the past and the people who populate it can be a bit of a chore; not to mention the idea that you're adopting a whole new persona. The part of you that needs life to be perfectly ordered wonders why you're freaking out. What you thought would come into being with no interference is being redirected toward a different goal. Let things flow wherever they need to go. The gap between your perfect pictures, and what your soul needs, is calling you to let the universe call the shots.

SCORPIO: Oct. 21 – Nov. 20: Beware of people who show up on your doorstep with a big smile and something that looks like an offer you can't refuse. The temptation to say "yes" to things will be easily fed by promises that no one can keep. You've been down this road a thousand times. Some things are fated, but in the moment when it's time to decide to go this way or that, your free will calls the shots. Be mindful of the tendency to give people more credit than they deserve. Remember, life is a school, and this is a test — but it's one that you've already taken. This time, the correct answer is "no."

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 21 – Dec. 20: The tables are turning, if they haven't already. A whole new story is emerging from things that you thought would never get settled. If you're relieved, at the same time, these new dynamics have altered some of your plans. Not being free to go forward until a few other issues get straightened out is where it's at. Within the normal framework of expectations and duties, you're restless and wondering if your next move will multiply your options or turn out to be the last thing you need. Be patient, keep your eyes open, and remain steadfast in search of the miraculous.

CAPRICORN: Dec. 21 – Jan. 20: Getting back to square one is where it's at right now. Everything but what is essential needs to be removed. This is nothing new to many of you. You've learned how to adjust and could actually be enjoying conditions that require you to stay focused and clear. If you're longing for what's missing or wishing that all of this would suddenly lighten up and give you more room to play and breathe, keep reminding yourself that there's a reason for everything. In your shoes, I would use this time to reflect upon my purpose and dive a little deeper into things that have meaning.

AQUARIUS: Jan. 21 – Feb. 20: Extended periods of tension are always challenging us to wonder why we have to grin and bear it. Even if you've made peace with this aspect of your experience, in cycles you have to face the fact that it doesn't have to be this hard. Stepping back far enough, you'll see that it's less about your situation than it is about beliefs that have orphaned you to certain things. Suspended between the dark and the light, a deep, spiritual connection is what's needed now. Other forms of closeness might do the trick, but only if the connection is heartfelt and the love is unconditional.

PISCES: Feb. 21 – March 20: You're confused about how to proceed. Is the "bird in hand" worth as much as the "two in the bush"? There's a gap between your security issues and the inner voice that keeps telling you to let go and move on. In your shoes, I would probably choose the latter, but I am not you. What you thought would remain stable and permanent has evolved into something else altogether. At a new phase of growth and development, do your best to stay abreast of what's unfolding. Pay attention to the signs and trust life enough to know that everything changes in regularly timed cycles.

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