Homeland absurdity

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The Kingdom of Elgaland-Vargaland, Britnish

Virgin Islands, Principality of Sealand, The New

Free State of Caroline, NSK, The Kingdom of

Fusia, The Empire Of Atlantum, Hutt River

Province, Kymerica, SoS (State of Sabotage),

Transnational Republic, Slipperica, Calisota,

Winnemac, Molvania, Granstork, Narnia, Belka,

Elbonia, Freedonia, Cockaigne. Newly formed

pixilated states of unfamiliar origin with a

Q-tip as their capital, and an electronic embassy

at a nearby www dot corner, represent a

small wave of newly imagined/developed countries.

SoS (State of Sabotage) is an artists’ project

with a strong sociopolitical emphasis

on ways of creating, defining and expanding a

country whose borders are always defined by the

movement of its citizens. First called Sabotage

Communications, a collective formed by artist

Robert Jelinek back in 1992 during Documenta IX,

the group created various public interventions

throughout Austria and Germany to disrupt

the monotony of the everyday life. State of Sabotage

officially came to existence in 2003 at an nearby island,

in Finland.

On their web site, www.sabotage.at/sos, along

with colorfully political information, you can apply

for an SoS passport, listen to their anthem or book your

round-trip ticket to your favourite imagined destination.

Bon voyage!

Miroslav Cukovic is an artist living in Detroit. Send comments to [email protected]
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