Here it is. The world's ugliest color.

click to enlarge Here it is. The world's ugliest color.
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Are you searching for the perfect color to ward off future visitors, "minimize appeal," and "maximize perceived harm?" We have the perfect color to fit your needs. 

Shield your eyes, brace your senses, turn your screen away from your children. You can't un-see this color...

click to enlarge It's said to resemble sewage - Photo via HouseBeautiful
Photo via HouseBeautiful
It's said to resemble sewage
Here it is. The world's ugliest color.
GIF via gifs-pictures

According to HouseBeautiful, a website dedicated to interior and exterior design, there actually is a color that warrants the nicknames "death," "tar" and "dirty." Officially known as Pantone 448 C or "opaque couche," this color has been deemed as the world's ugliest color. 

Cue the "it's so ugly" jokes. 

While homeowners and interior designers may not be running to the shop to purchase cans of this oh-so-offensive color, it has been used as a marketing or anti-marketing tool for cigarette packaging. In 2012, an Australian government actually hired a research company to find the most unappealing color to use on tobacco packaging, according to the article on HouseBeautiful. Like Australia, who dedicated quite a long time (three months, seven studies and over 1000 smokers, to be exact) to do this research study, many other markets are following suit, using dupes of the color on their cigarette cartons. 

Personally, I don't think the color is all that bad. The title "world's ugliest color" might even be a bit too harsh for this "drab dark brown" shade. Even though it is the "ugliest color," it has a beautiful purpose. 

So even if you've been called the ugliest color in the world, Pantone 448 C, just know: 
Here it is. The world's ugliest color.
GIF via Tumblr user fukyeahmusicgifs

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