He’ll be damned

He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke — except on the dance floor. Not your average cool guy, Monday Busque is a beautiful rare bird. You’ll never worry about him when he drives home, he won’t ever puke on your shoes and he wouldn’t dream of hitting on your girlfriend — he is a nice guy. And not unlike the bastions of music-obsessed fans of all things indie, Monday digs a good song. He will not however, be found pontificating on the virtues of the Mates of State or the unbelievable hype factor surrounding Pulp without a purpose. He needn’t forward pithy articles from The Onion to make his point — he just likes good music … and the man can dance.

So what is one to do with this mound of good taste and smooth dance moves?

Have a party, man.

After working on last year’s rock show, Summersmash, Monday had his first taste of promotions. He enjoyed the creative process and soon wondered if he could see himself doing promotions on his own. So when a serious breakup and a strong need to occupy some time surfaced, he had said vision. He crafted an idea for a Halloween dance party, and secured the simple but cool venue, detroit contemporary. Just like that, inception to conception, the first Indie Kids of the Damned was birthed.

The music: the “Gold Soundz” of DJ Eric Weir, done. The decorations: nominal, done. The costumes: a must, done. For Monday, throwing a bash like this is basically an amalgamation of the many basement parties that go on each year. He simply sharpened the focus of the scattered parties and isolated the location, but maintained a familiar vibe — it is casual and the smiles come easily. He asks very little of his partygoers, other than they wear a costume and try to have a good time.

Turns out simplicity is the perfect recipe for promotions. Seriously, what better way to lift folks back onto their sensible sneakers and out of their Apples in Stereo T-shirts than to offer a laid-back party that encourages grown-ups to dress up as ghosts, hookers and Girl Scouts? Last year, (independent of each other) two folks showed up as Jack and Meg White. If ever there were a party where a pair of red pants and a white T-shirt constituted a costume, Indie Kids of the Damned is it.

Don’t be discouraged by the name; there is nothing elite about the event. It is no way for the “indie-est” of the indie — Monday wants people to know that. It is a dance party for people who like to dance. Period. This particular evening will boast powerfully cool tunes and an energetic dance floor. Jason Falkner to Sloan and Hall and Oates to the Jackson 5, the jams will be aplenty. The spirit of Indie Kids of the Damned 2 is one of dancer’s abandon, and if last year’s packed dance floor is any sort of barometer, the good times should roll.

With the help of his lovely girlfriend Sara-Jean, old buddy Eric Weir and fellow music fanatic Stephen Cramer, Monday has managed to seriously budget the party and will use the paltry $3 cover charge only to recoup costs. Affected big-time show promoter he is not … bona fide, ass-shakin’ unabashed lover of da grooves, he is.

Some people go for the haunted houses for Halloween, some people take pleasure in the corn mazes, but Indie Kids of the Damned 2, well … that’s for the lovers.


Oct. 26 at detroit contemporary, 5141 Rosa Parks, Detroit, 313-898-4ART. Admission is $3 and costumes are required.

Eve Doster is the Metro Times listings editor. E-mail [email protected]
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