Get Yer Pom-Poms Out: Demi Moore Likes to Walk Her Dog Near Local Water!

Let’s all get on bended knee for the movie stars making movies in the Mitten and getting cribs in our lovely city (er, metro area). ...

As if Demi Moore would ever live in the 313. Hugh Jackman? Please. And if Michigan wasn’t forking over a portion of star expenses, they’d flock to some other far-off land, like, say, New Mexico, where it’s cheap to live and make movies. With all due respect to area realtors earning coin off local film shoots, it’s those brokers who clamor for toady rights to star ass that make this digit wanna hurl. Like in today’s Freep, in which we learn fascinating real-estate tidbits such as Demi Moore needed a place to walk her dog, and how one broker "worked with Miley Cyrus' mother."

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