First Place, color

Amy Ronelle Cramer snapped this intriguing photo while on Thanksgiving vacation in Nuevo Larado, (cq) Mexico. "We were in a shopping area, walking around back streets," she recalls, "and there was this pretty pink wall. I thought it looked neat." Cramer is particularly enthusiastic when explaining the technique she uses to create the dazzling effects. She employs a slightly older box-style Polaroid camera, using SX-70 film. The emulsion is still wet when the picture comes out and can be moved around to create various effects on the photo itself after it is taken. Various tools can be used to achieve these unique pictures, including pens or keys. Cramer prefers to use clay tools and has a few that are her favorites. She loves this technique because "you never know what you’re going to end up with."

Cramer is attending classes at Oakland Community College and is involved in special projects there. She is also a member of the Detroit chapter of "Friends of Photography" and has been involved in shows at OCC. Cramer does freelance work, but hopes to pursue a professional career in photography.

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