Sep 14, 2016 at 1:00 am

In reply to last week's cover story about Marvin Cotton, a reader named Denis Featherstone comments:

This is a good story. I'm glad they are looking into his case. He's a good man and he doesn't deserve to be in there. There are too many other cases just like this one. He's not the first and he damn sure won't be the last. When will this stop? The "law" wants to take the easy way out instead of doing their jobs. How many more lives are they going to ruin before someone says enough is enough? One thing you can't get back is time!

Michael Jackman's blog post about "Kid Rock, Colin Kaepernick, and the charmed life of Bob Ritchie" earned a lot of comments. For instance, Ed posted:

Nice one, Jackman. The Detroit area still has a good track record for producing cool, quality artists, but it can't help but fart out an occasional Nugent or Ritchie. It's just gonna happen now and again.

And TeacherPattiS commented:

I don't think I could love the Metro Times any more right now.

In reply to Jack Lessenberry's Politics & Prejudices column "Fighting to make it hard to vote," nobsartist commented:

These voting ID laws proposed by Republicans are funny because there are virtually no known cases of ID voting fraud committed by voters. By people running for office, yes, by people voting, no. The AWOL cokehead cheated his way into office and then duped millions of voters for eight years, many still clueless today.

I voted for 40 years with only my voter registration card as ID. Today, when I am asked to show my ID, I simply demand to see their driver's license and I hold up the line and make a scene until the person behind the table produces ID to prove who they are.

Hypestyles commented:

Absentee voting should be allowed nationwide. So many people are thrown by what shows up on the ballot when they arrive. Many people aren't that well-versed in the down-ticket contests, knowing who is running, what their general background is, ideas, proposal details, etc. It would help a lot.

And Just Sayin' commented:

Voting is a right, unlike an ID card, which is optional. No excuse is a good excuse when discussing U.S. citizens and their rights, if it will impede those rights.

Michael Jackman's blog "Is Troy the best city in Michigan for seniors?" also sparked some commentary. Allen commented:

Troy has a very low property tax rate for homeowners, which is good from a fixed-income point of view. The property taxes for a comparable house in Farmington Hills are $1,500 a year more. The city library is an excellent resource. The city has some of the best roads in the state. There are many mega-churches (for getting a sense of community without having to get to know anybody). On the negative side you have to drive everywhere in this city and it is very pedestrian- and bicycle-unfriendly. There is no downtown. (Somerset Mall is no downtown by any definition.) Politically, Troy is Tea Bag Central, with a former mayor who was a national disgrace — and anti-tax voters managed to close the library for a year.