Fall Guide 2000

Looking forward to fall, we imagine color. Rich, warm hues that enliven the gradually darkening season, reminding us that it’s time to go inside and keep cozy.

But don’t hibernate. We’re far too evolved for that. Instead, head indoors and enjoy all the fabulicious and colorful arts events that are scheduled for this fall.

Cuddle up in the warmth of a movie theater, a fresh harvest of popcorn on your lap, a new selection of movies at your disposal.

Get drawn into the festive atmosphere of a gallery opening, with the heat of conversation and the fire of artistic inspiration to get you burning through the winter.

Cozy into a plush theater seat and feel the energy of a live performance, whether it’s a play, a concert or a lecture.

Work up a sweat dancing to some of the hottest music of the year, coming this fall to clubs near you.

Just because our ancient rhythms tell us it’s time to return to the nest, doesn’t mean we can’t push out of our burrows from time to time. There’s a rich, diverse and colorful harvest of happenings out there this fall, and you can find out about them right here, or online at www.metrotimes.com.

So, it’s fall. Don’t hide your head just yet.

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