Excerpt from first act of post trauma stress machine unit # three

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[actors stand before audience gesturing and speaking unintelligently wearing a t shirt that says enlightenment]


installation of the outlaw

[machine unit # 3 stands before malcom X and marie laveau]

unit; what is this rags tossed in the mind . what is the ultitmate knower and truth/ peppercorns and whiskey

malcom; there is nothing here for you….why are you here?

marie; are you in the body ….silk as whispers dancing in laughter

unit; I just here for knowledge deep in the dark, fancy as light,malcom

malcom; do you know the wind can you taste it like blood

marie; or knowing the time wrestled in the eye like a stick

malcom; or can you scream like murder

marie; a shunt in the brain

unit; I am courageous as you marie laveau

malcom; we will see……….you know nothing

unit; so I step out of the enigma and see me as seed rooting the sun desire cresting me like a fluid orgasm ….a cunning grasp of truth and knowing

marie; this is not a cheap trick like Viagra

malcom; nor a mirror rotating in the wings a fake image of you

marie; this not foreplay

unit; I am ready

malcom; say it with conviction!

marie; nothing as corny as a crucifixions

unit; I am ready…….to the test …the test of life

malcom; the problem with the light is that it always cast a shadow


player of the western world

[the scene opens with unit sitting on a toilet smoking]
[there is centerfold [nude] on the wall.the star spangled banner is playing softly in the background.a nude woman steps from the wings]

unit; I’m a man I’m a man …….yessss I’m a man
m, a, n. I’m a man

woman; can you kill dude…can you kill a centerfold.with testosterone bullets

unit; premeditated or spontaneous hell yes.serious or ludicrous with or without prayer ..malicious or with care without god or in a nod
I can kill kjill kill just for the thrill for a hill of beans I’m like a marine
I can kill

woman; I can riddle you to death/ as you sleep in the lagoon of reason; I can twist the staples of your tongue and miscue the cerebellum with chewing gum of fate

unit; smoke is treason blow it out your mind baby…kill the wind

woman; schizophrenia, manic depression, aggression, bipolar conditions, autistic maladies, post traumatic stress disorder, predator intention acute dementia, erectile malfunction, neccessary extreme unction althheimer, addiction ,compulsive obsessive behavior…..yeah I love you did you say that the problem with the light is that it always cast a shadow you will pay for that statement!!!!

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