Did I just hear that?

Best and worst things you've ever heard (or, fess up, said) at the point of orgasm?

Best and worst things you've ever heard (or, fess up, said) at the point of orgasm?


—That's What She Said, 24, straight


One time I roared like a lion. I don't even know where it came from, but she loved it. 

—Brave Little Lion Man, 33, 10(?) partners, straight


"I'm pregnant!" 

—Ex-oh, 23, 5 partners, straight


"Get out of me! My mom's home!" 

—Happily In Love Temporarily, 34, 73 partners, straight


Worst: "Are you ready for that hot beef injection?" Which got me laughing so hard he lost his erection. 

—Deli, 27, 15 partners, straight


"What happened?" Probably the best and worst, I suppose. 

—Moody, 24, 9 partners, straight


Worst, at the brink of a terrible, failing relationship: "I wish things were different ... 

I wish you were different." Sticks with me to this day. 

—Anonymous, 30, 15 partners, straight


Worst: "Baby, stop, I'm married" ... real mood killer. Best was, "Baby, this is nice, but not as nice as your sister was last night," with her knowing I was out with her sister the night before. Held on till I got mine, grabbed my clothes and ran out the door. ... She called me back over a few days later for more. LOL. 

—Chuwie, 43, 200+ partners, straight


I had one guy who liked the word "cunt" to describe me at that time. Let's just say, I got tired of it after a while. 

—Nannette, 49, 11 partners, straight


"Fuck my cunt!" It was a man saying it. 

—Jose Queervo, 31, 45 partners, gay


"I can't feel my hands, why can't I feel my hands," was the best. 

—Marie Fitzgerald, 25, 6 partners, straight


Best and Worst: "Your breath smells like milk." 

—Bill Pooch, 30, 3 partners, straight


Best: "Come inside me!" Worst: "Don't come inside me!" 

—Lucky Mud, 22, 5 partners, bi


"Hank Williams!" 

—Theo, 28, 200+ partners, straight


Wasn't listening. 

—Usual, 33, partners: "no way," gay 


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