Detroit sports writer calls for Lions boycott

Nov 2, 2015 at 9:56 am

If you're a Lions fan, you've probably said it. If you know or love a Lions fan you've probably heard it. It's those three words that come from frustration that has passed into resignation.

"Enough is enough!"

That's the refrain hit in a piece by sports writer Don Drysdale at Detroit Sports Nation, who calls for nothing less than a boycott. Not just of the games, but of official Lions gear, presumably everything down to bumper stickers and bobble heads. Drysdale declares: "We no longer will just follow them around like a little puppy dog hoping for a treat. It's time to let the Fords know that unless they clean house, we will no longer hand over our money to them week after week and year after year for a broken product."

Of course, the words "never again" have been muttered by many a Lions fan over the years, who, head in hands near the end of a lopsided game, just can't help letting one eye peek through to see the grim finale. Will things be different with this threatened boycott?

We'll keep one eye open. In the meanwhile, read the comments (more than 100 as of this posting) and pass the popcorn.