Detroit City Football Club Men’s City

Support our football, errr, soccer team, “Le Rouge.”

May 28, 2014 at 9:05 am

Map Tee — $20

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The Detroit City Football Club only began their 2014 season on 5/7, but support for our team, “Le Rouge” is already bigger than ever. Those who’ve been to the games report an overwhelmingly loyal fan following. Unlike concerts, where wearing the performing band’s T-shirt is the ultimate taboo, sporting events demand apparel that shows off home team pride. DCFC makes things easy, offering a wide array of gear online at prices more reasonable than most concert merch tables. Fans aren’t relegated to the usual boxy, itchy jerseys either. T-shirts, scarves, pint glasses and more come printed in hip, updated designs. This DCFC men’s T-shirt clocks in at a cool $20. And no, that’s not a jacked-up picture of Kentucky on the front, it’s an outline of the city of Detroit, made out of the team’s symbol — the Fleur De Lis. While technically a men’s shirt, the cotton blend Detroit City Map tee is a fitted style, so ladies who like the look should feel free to scoop one up. Really, what ladies don’t love a nice, soft boyfriend-style T-shirt anyway? Trust us when we tell you that you don’t want to show up at a game unprepared; Detroiters are crazy for football — including the kind you actually play with your feet.