Detroit Bikes to be the first store inside Capitol Park retail establishment, The Albert

Jan 13, 2015 at 8:47 am
Detroit Bikes, a local company that makes about 50 bikes a week and employs about 16 locals, will open the flagship store at The Albert, a Capitol Park retail space. The store will also be the bike company's very first retail space. 

The announcement was made on Friday, along with that for plans to include six more stores as part of the development. 

The news comes as retail in Detroit is on the upswing, a product of some hefty investments from power players like Dan Gilbert, as well as a cast of entrepreneurs looking to bolster the city's shopping. Simultaneously, it comes as news of long-time Detroit store owners Larry and Dianne Mongo being evicted from the retail space they've rented for nearly 30 years. 

Detroit Bikes is planned to open sometime in the spring.