Dan Gilbert wants to own the Lions, Jeff Lesson says

Nov 5, 2015 at 10:19 am

Whatever Dan Gilbert wants, Dan Gilbert gets. Our local billionaire doesn't even bother to hide his aspirations for total Detroit domination — the guy famously has a miniature model of Detroit with buildings that light up as he acquires them (and a lot of them are lit up).

What's next on Gilbert's conquest? According to one source, it could be the Detroit Lions. 

WWJ’s Jeff Lesson, who grew up with Gilbert, says he knows “for a fact” that Gilbert wants to own the team.

“It has been his lifelong dream to own the struggling franchise and turn it around,” Lesson said on WWJ Wednesday morning. “There could not be a better choice.”

The news comes amid a fever pitch of fan dissatisfaction with the team, with fans calling for a boycott and The Detroit News opining that the Ford family should find a new owner.

One major obstacle in a Gilbert-owned Lions is the NFL's strict requirements, which deter owners from having a major stake in any other team, even in other sports. Gilbert, of course, is currently the majority owner of basketball team the Cleveland Cavaliers.