Comedy god Conan O'Brien probably just Googled 'Michigan things' for voter PSA but we don't mind

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click to enlarge Comedy god Conan O'Brien probably just Googled 'Michigan things' for voter PSA but we don't mind

The sexiest man in comedy is urging Michiganders to do something really sexy: vote!

Conan O'Brien, the porcelain, 6'4'' ginger-haired legendary hottie, took to Twitter this week as part of a campaign led by When We All Vote, a nonpartisan voter participation group co-chaired by Michelle Obama and Tom Hanks to encourage Michigan — including the “yoopers” — to participate in the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

“If you like democracy but you don't vote, you're not playing Euchre with a full deck,” O'Brien said after slapping the first of three Detroit-themed caps atop his lush and flowing, unkempt locks.

He praised Dilla's Donuts and Michigan beer brewer Bell's, and mentions Vernors, Mackinac Island (specifically its car-less, fudge-filled offerings), Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, and beloved Cheboygan hot dog joint, Duke's Dogs. But he also takes jabs like a Michigander, which he identifies as despite being a Massachusetts native, a California resident, and a former New Yorker.

“So, get out and vote 'cause if you don't, you're kind of letting other states that aren't as awesome as Michigan make decisions about your education, your water, your roads, and your jobs.” O'Brien absolutely whispered “Ohio” during this segment, which means he might be a Michigander at heart after all.

In his final baseball-hat switcheroo, O'Brien sports a University of Michigan cap to deliver one for the college football heads: “Unlike Jim Harbaugh, voting costs nothing, it's very effective, and it lives up to the hype.”

OK — so Michigan wasn't unique for its O'Brien-ified shoutout. He's also addressing other swing states, like Florida, Arizona, and Wisconsin, to go out and do their thing using whatever tidbits and factoids his faithful assistant Sona Movsesian Googled. “Put down those crystals and stop staring into the majestic Grand Canyon,” he warned Arizonians, poking fun at bolo ties and “dry heat.”

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer even entered the chat, er, responded to O'Brien via Twitter, and offered to correct his pronunciation of “Michigander” which he curiously says without the “a.”
“I've never been political. I'm not a political comedian, it's not my medium. It's never been a big part of my show or work and I never really felt that it was my place to be very vocal about who I was going to vote for just because I felt no one was looking to me for that,” O'Brian shared with former first lady Michelle Obama on a recent episode of his Conan Needs a Friend podcast.

“But this feels very different. That is why I am being very vocal about wanting to support Joe Biden because I look at the man who is in office right now and I do not want my children to be living under a president who I find embarrassing and who does not have the values I'm teaching my kids to have.”

Now we're really hot and bothered.

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