Cinema Detroit needs your help

Oct 5, 2015 at 1:14 pm

Cinema Detroit, the husband-and-wife endeavor of Tim and Paula Guthat, has moved into its new home on Third Street, an attractive space that's well-suited to their role as the only first-run theater in the vicinity of downtown Detroit. 

But the couple needs some help. You see, studios and distributors send out their films as digital files, and they're encrypted to protect against people making copies. That makes sense. But, in their infinite wisdom, the "DCI-compliant" gizmo that does the decrypting is extremely expensive for a small business. That's why the Guthats are asking donors to step up and throw some bones their way. The fundraising goal is $50,000.

Of course, you can also give the theater some help at the box office. The theater is at 4126 Third Avenue, Detroit. See for more information.