Check out this furniture from local designer and maker Dave Hudson

Jan 21, 2015 at 12:00 pm
Yes, these days it seems like everyone and their brother is making something out of reclaimed wood. We would probably need all our fingers and toes to count how many of these trendy companies have popped up in the last few years. But that really doesn't stop us from appreciating some amazing craftsmanship when we see it. Dave Hudson is a local furniture maker. He builds industrial-style tables, shelves, TV consoles, kitchen carts, and plenty more out of wood and other materials that he scavenges himself. He crafts each piece himself, making them in the workshop he spends his nights and weekends in. 

In the two years since he started making furniture, he says he's completed hundreds of pieces. He does commissioned work for customers, which can range from a small side table to a large entertainment center. He says he likes his clients to be involved in the crafting process from beginning to end because it makes it a collaborative, inclusive procedure that produces a wholly unique piece. 

"I started making furniture a couple years ago after spending a decade making metal sculptures that I showed at places like the Dirty Show and Damned," says Hudson. 

But Hudson says he didn't have much luck getting people to buy his sculptures. So he switched gears and picked up furniture-making instead and in 2012 he founded his furniture company, Hudson Industrial. 

He got his start in both sculpture work and furniture-making from working as an underwater welder while in the Marine Corps before heading off the school to study sculpture and 3D computer animation. 

Of course, Hudson doesn't just make trendy furniture. Actually, it's more of a hobby for him. In fact, He works full time as an animation designer at Ford. The furniture is just his creative outlet.

Check out his work in person at his booth at Rust Belt Market or click here to check out his website.