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Catherine asks gamers to help solve puzzling dreams

Jul 20, 2011 at 12:00 am



Xbox 360, Playstation 3

This game is a deceiver; the title art caught my eye as some kind of foreign horror platformer or somethin'. You begin playing the game as some sad emo boy who's asleep, having a terrible dream.

The quirky thing is that this sad kid's nightmares are literally puzzles. Here's where it gets interesting: The puzzles are timed and if you fail to complete them in the allotted time you die in your nightmare and get some rather depressing imagery. In short, the puzzle-solving isn't too difficult — many are based on logic. 

Aside from high-pressure nightmares, you'll see typical foreign-game long-ass cut scenes. But what's interesting is when you aren't in your nightmare scenarios, you're a young dude struggling in his relationship with a chick named Catherine. And it gets frustrating at times. A first scene shows you sitting in a bar-restaurant, texting her. You get to select from a short list of pre-written responses, what you want to say to her and develop an identity for your character. For instance, you can be the compassionate understanding guy, or the "back off, woman" kinda dude. Every decision you make affects your game later on, so be wary. —Josh Sexson