Changing positions

• Recently, a woman wrote to ask you for advice regarding painful intercourse because her lover's penis hurts her cervix when he thrusts. One thing I did not see mentioned in your response or in the comments of others is that the position of a woman's cervix tends to change throughout her cycle, and also during the day. Many women find that their cervices are higher up within their vaginas during their fertile times (around the time of ovulation) than during other parts of the menstrual cycle, and that their cervices are higher in the morning upon waking than at night after being up and about all day. I have noticed that this is true for me. In my personal experience, there have been days during the infertile parts of my cycle in which my cervix was low enough that my partner's thrusting has caused me discomfort and even pain due to his penis bumping against my cervix. But I have never noticed this during my fertile phase, I assume because my cervix is high enough up that this does not happen. A good book about recognizing when a woman is in her fertile phase is Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.

• This letter is in response to the woman who had difficulty with her body hair and was feeling unattractive as a result. I just want to let her know that there are many people who would love to cuddle with her hairy legs. I am one of them! She actually sounds like the woman of my dreams. You have to help me, Isadora! Can you write to her and tell her to post on your chat site or bulletin board or is there some way that she and I can get in contact? Is there anything you can do?

Not a thing, sorry, except reassure the hairy-legged of the world that others like you exist. —Isadora
• I'm responding to the adult baby's question regarding finding clothing in his area. I'm a diaper lover too, and I don't tend to have this problem of finding clothing to fit. For me, an Attend will do just nicely. For the record, we are categorized into two major groups: adult babies or diaper lovers. AB's desire a total regression into infancy, thus the desire to acquire all the things that you would normally get and provide for a baby. Diaper lovers, on the other hand, tend to only enjoy wearing diapers and plastic pants. AB's tend to be a lot more messy, while us diaper lovers tend not to do so! However, as you pointed out, there are plenty of adult baby sites with many good links to suppliers. Is this a popular kink? Yes, very much so. Is it for everyone? No, but people are growing open-minded about new things and experiences. I say as long as you're not hurting someone, go for it.

Enjoying diapers isn't an unheard-of kink, but it's not No. 1 (or should I say No. 2?) on most people's hit parade. —Isadora

• If a long feather is attached to something that causes it to vibrate rapidly and the tip of it is touched to a woman's external erogenous zones, that woman will find it so stimulating that she will experience super-intense multiple orgasms. As a matter of fact, her orgasms will be so intense that she will almost scream.

That's some women, not all. Some women do scream orgasmically even without vibrating feathers. —Isadora
• For the person who feels guilty for rubbing the belly during masturbation: there is no reason to feel guilty. I, too, rub my belly in order to get off. Actually, I think I have a belly fetish. None of my lovers have ever found it odd. On the contrary, they have enjoyed pleasuring me by rubbing it, squeezing it and licking it. Furthermore, they have always enjoyed when I pleasured them in the same manner. The person who feels guilty should rather be exploring such a sexy body part of both sexes.

Note that neither this writer nor the original one specified his/her sex. —Isadora
• Whether or not I have an available partner, I am now able to experience orgasms that are much more intense than any I ever experienced before. I use a recording of my own voice which first puts me into a sleeplike trance, then gives me the post-hypnotic suggestion that after being awakened from the hypnosis and immediately after my saying the word "presto" I will experience the vibrating fingertips of two hands on my external erogenous zones. I also gave myself the suggestion that these vibrating fingertips would move to wherever I would enjoy them the most, and that each time I experience orgasm it will be much more intense and enjoyable than ever before. When I say "Presto" during foreplay or alone, the orgasms are always stronger and more enjoyable then ever before.

This handy little tip has been brought to you by Holiday Claus for the enjoyment of all my readers. Presto, and ho, ho, ho. —Isadora Visit

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