Bridget Everett is crass, has sass, and is one of the best stand-ups touring today

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Bridget Everett isn't a household name — yet.

If you're a fan of any form of comedy (especially alt-comedy) then you have probably seen Everett's work. She's been featured on her close friend Amy Schumer's Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer multiple times, had a guest spot in the blockbuster hit Trainwreck (starring Schumer), and has numerous memorable moments on shows such as HBO's Girls and Hulu's Difficult People.

But what really makes Everett stand out is her stand-up: a hybrid of telling relatable jokes like most comedians and singing cabaret-styled songs to accompany her jokes. Songs like "What I Gotta Do?" and "Fuck Shit Up" are both wildly outrageous and on point for who she is as a performer: The audience has no idea what is about to happen, and neither does Everett. She really is here to fuck some shit up.

We had a brief chat with Everett before her big show at the Royal Oak Music Theatre, discussing her comedy, her next project, and what the hell is going to happen if Donald Trump gets elected. (Note, this interview happened before Election Day.)

Metro Times: Is this tour any different from your other ones? New songs or anything like that?

Bridget Everett: I have new songs but am holding onto them as I develop a new show. Right now, I'm focusing on the hits and making sure everyone has the best time possible. Plus, even if I sang the same songs every night for the rest of the year, each show would be so different because it's about who's in the audience and how much fun they're willing to have.

MT: I was obsessed with Lady Dynamite when it came out on Netflix. How was working on that show?

Everett: It was incredible! Maria Bamford is one of a kind and so brilliant. I think the show is a perfect showcase for her. I'm thrilled that I got to be a part of it.

MT: Speaking of shows, when are you getting your own?

Everett: Working on that right now! I wrote a pilot with Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City) and Bobcat Goldthwait (Chappelle's Show, The Man Show). We'll see what happens!

MT: Can you say what kind of style the show is going to be in?

Everett: It's semi-autobiographical set in a new reality. We'll see if anyone wants to make it!

MT: So many of your spots on shows and movies are so memorable to me, like your scene in Trainwreck, or your episode in Girls last season: a smaller part that leaves a huge impression. How do you make those scenes so memorable, or even stand out?

Everett: I just have fun and try to make the crew laugh. It's weird not having a live audience so you go with what's there. And if the crew laughs, you're golden.

MT: Have you always been a singer?

Everett: Yes, I went to college on a voice scholarship. I wanted to be an opera singer, but the discipline needed to maintain a healthy voice and that was not for me. I found a style of singing and performance that fits my lifestyle.

MT: Was there a moment when you kind of thought to yourself, "I can actually do this as a career"?

Everett: Yeah, but not until about two years ago when I finally quit my survival job. But as soon as I took a chance on myself, my career kicked into gear. I don't know what I was waiting for.

MT: Do you ever get shit from people about being "too racy" with the language you use with your act? I feel like there's a shitty double standard that male comedians can be raunchy and get no flack for it.

Everett: I think my act isn't for everyone and that's OK. It's more important to me to stay true to who I am and do the kind of show that makes me happy. And besides, they're just tits. What's the big deal?

MT: What do you hope people take away from your shows?

Everett: A sense of joy. I also really hope they walk away feeling better and freer in their own skin.

MT: Any fun memories of performing in Detroit?

Everett: When I was in Detroit for the Oddball Comedy Festival, I went gambling with Jeff Ross and Anthony Jeselnek after the show. The whole night was such a highlight of the tour: from the warm audience reception to winning a little scratch at the casino. I love Detroit.

MT: This will be published after the election, but what the fuck are we going to do if Trump gets elected?

Everett: I can barely sleep. It's beyond my comprehension that it's even a possibility.

MT: I just keep thinking of awful scenarios of what will happen if he wins and I want to die a little bit.

Everett: Same.

MT: Has the election inspired any new material? I can imagine "grab her by the pussy" could make for great jokes, sadly.

Everett: I have some stuff I like to joke about, but mostly, I don't want to get into politics during the show. I think being who I am and performing in the manor that I do is its own political statement. I'm a feminist to the core and I think that's clear.

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