Binge watchers rejoice! Netflix adds "Download & Go" feature to mobile apps

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When certain people get bored, they binge watch television shows. Its a fact. Most of us have some form of entertainment streaming capabilities - whether it be music, movies, or books - but, contrary to popular belief, there isn't always an available internet connection. Netflix looks to alleviate some of the trouble accessing content in those situations with their new "Download and Go" feature on mobile devices.

In my limited experience with the update, not every movie and television show is available for download quite yet. There are some decent selections available. Apex (in my opinion, the best movie I saw available for download), Meet the Blacks, Intruder, Minions, Home, and Hotel Transylvania 2 were some of the movies with "Download & Go" capability.

Shows like Narcos, The Crown, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, and Bojack Horseman are also available for download to your device. There is no "one-click" option to download an entire season or series yet, although you can download the episodes individually.

This probably should have been considered and implemented years ago because it seems like every streaming service offers (and has offered) a similar feature since their respective inception, but Netflix's accessibility across so many platforms never made the feature mandatory to me. It has been reported the feature was added to make the streaming service more marketable in countries with less reliable and/or miniscule internet access. Whatever the reason is, this feature benefits all it's subscribers and does make the service more attractive.

The feature is available on all mobile devices and subscribers can begin to download shows and movies within seconds of updating the app. The device needs to have the necessary free space on its hard drive. The shows and movies can be downloaded in standard definition or high(er) definition, but file sizes are not listed.

Downloads can take place over WiFi or cellular network. As a precaution, be sure you know your plan's data limits because you could (and probably will) be charged for overages. More and more content should become available in the future.
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