Best of Detroit 2001 ballot

Jan 24, 2001 at 12:00 am
You know what you like. You must. Every year, you share thousands of opinions with us in our annual Best of Detroit poll.

And here at MT world headquarters, we take your opinions seriously. We tally your ballots by hand — no wonky voting machines for us. We add them up carefully, double-checking them, even holding recounts if necessary. We’ve yet to bring in the Supreme Court, but don’t think we wouldn’t consider it.

After all, this is important. This is the Best of Detroit. And here, if nowhere else, your votes count.

So let us know what you think. Mail in your ballot, or fill it out at We’ll tally the results, and on Wednesday, March 14, we’ll tell you the Best.

The Best part

You could win a Best of Detroit Night on the Town! We’ll draw one name from all qualifying ballots postmarked by midnight, Feb. 14. The winner will get *****TK.

The Electoral Rules:

• Only one ballot per envelope.

• Only one entry per person/e-mail account.

• Don’t photocopy: Only original Metro Times ballots will be accepted.

• At least 15 categories must be marked on a ballot or it will not be counted.

• Ballot stuffing (yes, we can tell) will disqualify the "stuffee," and stuffed ballots will be discounted.

• Metro Times employees are not eligible to vote.

Ballots must be postmarked by midnight, Wednesday, Feb. 14!



Best Place to See a Blockbuster Film

Best Place to See an Independent Film

Best Place to Go On Belle Isle

Best Free Entertainment

Best Local Cultural Festival

Best Local Music Festival

Best Place to See a Concert

Best Place to Hear a Concert

Best Theater Performance Space

Best Comedy Club

Best All-Ages Club

Best Place to Schmooze

Best Place to Slum

Best Place to Go Dancing With a Partner

Best Place to Go Dancing by Yourself

Best Place to Go Dancing to Find a New Partner

Best Place to Dance Outdoors

Best Museum

Best Downtown Art Gallery

Best Suburban Art Gallery

Best Use for a Useless Sunday (besides Belle Isle)

Best Reason for Adding Another Day to the Week

Best Next Underground Trend to go Mainstream

Best Place to Shoot Pool

Best-Smelling Place

Best Place to Hold Your Nose

Best Hobby to Turn Into a Profitable Business

Most Dangerous Home Appliance

Best Celebrity to Clone

Best Celebrity to Genetically Alter

Best New Career for Laid-Off Dot-Com Workers

Best Place to Meditate (besides Belle Isle)

Best Local Place to Hide Out for the Weekend

Best Place to Stargaze

Best Place to Bird-Watch

Best New Fashion Trend

Best New Fashion Trend to Kill

Best Way to Kill Time

Best Michigan Vacation Spot

Best Ontario Vacation Spot

Best Way to Make More Time in Your Day

Best Video Arcade

Best Casino Food

Best Casino to People Watch

Best Slots

Best Way to Lose Money (Besides Gamble)

Best Imported Beer

Best Michigan Microbrew

Best Room to Rent for a Party of Less Than 100

Best Room to Rent for a Party of More Than 100


Best All-Around Department Store

Best Thrift Store

Best Place for Bargain Shopping

Best Independent Men’s Clothier

Best Independent Women’s Clothier

Best Place for Cool Eyewear

Best Store to Get Hip-Hop Gear

Best Store for Dressing Like a Rock Star

Best Mall

Best Non-Mall Shopping District

Best Place to Find a New Style

Best Smoke Shop

Best Head Shop

Best Vintage Clothing Store

Best Place to Buy a Computer

Best Cool Furniture Shop

Best Place to Upgrade Your Garden

Best Used Record Store

Most Knowledgeable Record-Store Staff

Best Overall Record Selection

Best New Vinyl Selection

Best DVD Selection

Best Independent Bookstore

Best Used Bookstore

Best Comic Shop

Best Children’s Book Store

Best Store for Unique/Educational Kids’ Toys

Best Art Supply Store

Best Hobby Shop

Best Place to Satisfy a Footwear Fetish

Best Place to Satisfy a Chocolate Fetish

Best Adult Novelties Store

Best Place to Buy Affordable Art

Best Place to Upgrade Your Sound System

Most Aggressive Electronics Store Staff

Best Place to Buy a New Car (Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw)

Best Place to Buy a Used Car (Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw)

Best Fruit Market

Best Health Food Store

Best Big Box Store

Best Beer Selection in a Store

Best Wine Selection in a Store

Best Place to Make an Impulse Purchase

Best Pet-Sitting Service


You Know You’re a Detroiter When:

Best-Kept Local Secret (besides Belle Isle)

Best Place to Live Downtown

Best Lofts

Best Apartments

Best New Use for Tiger Stadium

Best Motto for Detroit

Best Reason to Make Detroit the Next "Survivor" Location

Best Unsung Local Hero

Best Place to Find Parking Downtown

Best Place to Entertain Out-Of-Towners

Most Walkable Neighborhood

Best Neighborhood For Artists to Take Over Next

Best Solution for Suburban Sprawl

Most Worthy Charitable Cause

Best Old Building

Best New Building

Best Building to Blow Up

Best Building to Redevelop

Best Neighborhood to Buy a New House

Best Neighborhood to Buy an Old House

Best Place to Find Nature in the City (besides Belle Isle)

Best Road to Meet a Pothole

Best Construction Site

Best Not-Yet-Added Addition to Detroit’s Theater District

Best Alternative to the Riverfront for Permanent Casinos

Best Public Artwork

Best Place to See Outdoor Graffiti

Best Detroit Answer to Chicago’s Cows or Toronto’s Moose

Best Playground (besides Belle Isle)

Best Community Organization

Best Place to Play Hooky From Work (besides Belle Isle)

Best Place to Implement a "No Cell Phones" Policy

Best Place to Spot a Local Celebrity


Best Place to Meet Mr./Ms. Right

Best Place to Meet Mr./Ms. Wrong

Best Pick-Up Line

Best Pick-Up Line to Avoid

Best Euphemism for Being Horny

Most Original Euphemism for Masturbation

Best Romantic Gift

Best Place for a First Date

Best Date Flick of the Past Year

Best Classic Date Video

Best Place to Profess Your Love for Someone

Best Place to Propose

Best Alternative to a Church Wedding

Best Michigan Honeymoon Destination

Best Anniversary Getaway

Best Way to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Best Tune to Shag By

Best Place to Cheat On Your Partner

Best Way to Forget the Ex

Best Place to go on a Blind Date

Best Way to Ruin a Date

Best Way to Dump a Bad Date

Best Home-Cooked Meal for a Date

Best Florist

Best Jewelry Store

Best Restaurant for Playing Footsie

Best Place for an Afternoon Delight

Best Aphrodisiac

Best Turn-On (for Guys)

Best Turn-On (for Gals)

Best Spot for Outdoor Sex (besides Belle Isle)

Best Way to Bring Up the Subject of Safe Sex

Best Place to Get Treatment for STDs

Best New Baby Name

Best New Baby Name to Avoid


Best Local Spectator Sport

Best Area Athlete

Most Exciting Local Team

Most Disappointing Local Team

Best Local Athlete to Trade

Best Athlete to Bring to a Detroit Team

Best Place to Celebrate If/When the Wings Win the Cup

Best Gym to Work Out

Best Gym to Meet Someone of the Opposite Sex

Best Gym to Meet Someone of the Same Sex

Best Place for Outdoor Exercise

Best Place to Scoot

Best Sporting Goods Store

Best Sports Bar

Best Ski/Snowboarding Hill

Best Non-Organized Sport

Best Idea for a New Extreme Sport

Best Marina

Best Illegal Place to Skateboard

Best Hiking Trail

Best Local Beach

Best Public Golf Course


Best Candidate to Run Against Dennis Archer

Best Person to Replace John Engler

Best Next Job for Ed McNamara

Best Way to Fix Hamtramck

Most Trusted Political Figure

Most Trusted Corporate Citizen

What Ever Happened to ....

Best Local Activist

Best Nickname for George W. Bush

Best Way to Survive the Bush Administration

Best Reason to Support a Third Party

Best New Job for Al Gore

Best New Use for Old Voting Machines

Best New Job For Bill Clinton

Best Reason To Convince Bill Clinton to Move to Detroit

Best Way to Make Sure the Real Winner Wins Next Election

Best Way to Make Politics Fun

Best Reason to Vote

Best Subject of Conversation Instead of Politics

Most Important Political Issue

Best New Job for Detroit Police Chief Benny Napoleon

Best Reason to Get Involved in Politics

Best New Use for the State Fairgrounds

Best Next Head of Detroit Public Schools

Best Person or Job Category to be Followed Around by the Fox 2 News Crew


Best Local Weathercast

Best Local TV Show

Best Hidden Local TV Treasure

Most Talked-About Local Story

Most Ignored Local Story

Best Title for a Bill Clinton-Hosted Game Show

Best Drive-Time Radio Show

Best Local Talk Radio Host

Most Obnoxious Morning Show

Best Sports Radio to Catch

Best Sports Radio to Miss

Best Student-Run Radio Station

Best Local Media Merger Yet to Happen

Best Way to Counteract Media Monopolization

Best Way to Use The Web at Work

Best Local Band to Make it Big Next

Best Local Band to Reunite

Best Local Zine

Best Film About or Set in Detroit

Best Novel About Detroit to Make Into a Film

Best Local Recording Studio

Best Local Indie Record Label


Best Columnist

Best Writer

Best Story

Best Cover

Best Special Issue

Best Cartoon

Best Place for Loose Lips Columnists to Hang Out

Best Reason to Go to the Metro Times Web Site

Most Needed Addition to the Metro Times

Most Needed Addition to the Metro Times Web Site

Best Question to Ask Isadora

Best Person (Real or Fictitious) to Add to Metro Times Staff

Best Use for the MT When You’re Done Reading It

Best Reason to Love the MT

Best Reason to Hate the MT




Best Bakery

Best Deli

Best Bagel

Best Chinese restaurant

Best Japanese restaurant

Best Soul Food restaurant

Best Greek restaurant

Best Indian restaurant

Best Local Italian restaurant

Best Thai restaurant

Best Polish restaurant

Best Middle Eastern restaurant

Best Mexican restaurant

Best Vietnamese restaurant

Best Pizza

Best Buffet

Best Restaurant for a 3 a.m. Meal

Best Carry-out

Best Coney Island

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Seafood

Best Barbecue

Best Waitstaff

Best Wine List

Best Restaurant for Dessert

Best Restaurant for a Big Splurge

Best Funky Hole-in-the-Wall

Best Breakfast

Best Atmosphere

Best Place to Buy Groceries

Best Coffeehouse



Best No-Cover Bar

Best Happy Hour Spread

Best Bar for Lunch

Best After-Hours Place

Best Place To Hear Techno

Best Place to Hear Jazz

Best Place to Hear Blues

Best Place to Hear Rock ’n’ Roll

Best Beer Selection

Best Top-Shelf Liquor Selection

Best Microbrewery

Best Strip Club

Best Gay Bar

Best Lesbian Bar

Best Place to Play Bar Games

Best-Looking Club

Best Bar to Find a One-Night Stand

Best Karaoke

Best Cocktail Lounge


Your Name:


City, State, ZIP:

Daytime Phone Number:

Send this ballot to:

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Best of Detroit 2001

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To qualify, entries must be postmarked or e-mailed by midnight, Wednesday, Feb. 14!