Balls of fun

Jun 28, 2000 at 12:00 am

Remember the Magic 8 Ball, the novelty item that promised to tell the future and answer the mysteries of the ages? Well, instead of a psychic in a plastic sphere, how about a cynic? The Sarcastic Ball is available at, a virtual novelty shop stocked with rubber chickens, propeller beanies, Jesus action figures and other off-the-wall items. The Sarcastic Ball is touted as one of the biggest sellers on the McPhee site. The purple ball answers any yes-or-no question with one of 20 snide remarks inside, such as "Yeah right" or "In Your Dreams." These and other sarcastic answers are just a shake away.

The Sarcastic Ball promises to "set you straight" for $8 plus shipping. McPhee also offers an even more entertaining Affirmation Ball in bright yellow with a smiley face design sure to counter any ill-effects of the Sarcastic Ball. The happy little ball is full of compliments, such as "Your breath is so minty" and "You look marvelous" for the same price as an insult. Get both for emotional balance.

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