Au Revoir Borealis

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Au Revoir Borealis - Photo / Au Revoir Borealis
Photo / Au Revoir Borealis
Au Revoir Borealis
There's something about cottony vocals sifted through swirly synth, wavy guitar and the pulse of a steady slow bass line that's tortured and soothing simultaneously. The four friends behind Au Revoir Borealis play regular old instruments just like everyone else, but the sound that escapes is sweeping and surreal, extraterrestrial even. A spinning sensation engulfs you with each listen, but not the miserable, drank-too-much-champagne kind of spins. The experience owes more to innocent bravery at an amusement park than liquid courage at a frat party; the hair-in-the-wind carousel ride, that slight chance you might lose your shoe on the super swings, the realization that cotton candy and corn dogs do not a four-course meal make. Each strum, each bell, each whisper echoes the fables behind these scenes of dramatic serenity.

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