Ask a Juggalo: What's a 'scrubby?'

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Q: What's a "scrubby"? Or a "richy bitch boy"?

A: A "scrubby" is a male or female Juggalo that just absolutely gives no fucks whatsoever. Doesn't give a damn about anybody else's opinion. Just flat-out somebody that flies by the seat of their pants, doesn't give a damn about what the mass marketers or mainstream media would deem socially acceptable. A scrubby just gives no fucks, period. Looks the way they want, wears what they want, does what they want, says what they want. That would be the opposite of being a "richy bitch boy." A richy bitch boy would be the negative, the opposite of that, born with a golden spoon in their mouth, has to have the name brand, only listens to music that would be considered popular or cool, has to have the best of everything. A scrubby gives no shits about the word "cool." They just are what they are, love them or hate them, whereas a "bitch boy" would be the opposite, a real stuck-up asshole.

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