Ask a Juggalo: What would a Juggalo political party look like?

Q: Have the Juggalos ever considered creating a political party or advancing a political platform?

A: That's something that I've thought about for many years. If that movement ever takes place, I wanna be on the forefront of that, brother. I definitely believe that all Juggalos need to be heard and, at the end of the day, the guys in my parents' age bracket are retiring and cats in my age bracket are now stepping up. As we get wiser, as we get more mature, as we get more knowledge, you are 110 percent correct, my brother. There will be a Juggalo party and we will be heard in a very positive, diplomatic manner.

Q: Any idea what the platform for such a party would look like? What would the policies and issues to advance be?

A: Without a doubt, I firmly believe that we would focus in the beginning on not misjudging and fighting against stereotypes or predetermined judgments of anyone, fighting for the right to be looked at the same as everybody else.

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