Ask a Juggalo: What do "nugget" and "nugbone" mean?

Q: What do "nugget" and a "nugbone" mean?

A: You're definitely talking about somebody's head. That's the beauty of ICP. They're talking about your head or your skull by using the words "nugget" and "nugbone" — and usually talking about chopping it off or pounding the damn thing in. That's where they're coming from. And that's all part of the creativity that originally caught my attention. Especially Ringmaster from 1994. That's where they let loose with the straight carnival by using their own damn words.

Q: What's "pink eye"?

A: Oh, yeah. That's from Tunnel of Love, a collaboration of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope's personal songs about love. That "pink eye" thing is from a wonderful little ditty called "Cotton Candy," an excellent song of theirs, in which they're screaming about cotton candy not getting wet until it's in your mouth. [Laughs.] And Violent J blurts out, at one point, he's enjoyed himself so much in the Southern regions, he claims he's got "pink eye." That shit was redonkulous. So, yeah, you get "pink eye" from eating too much pussy.

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