Ask a Juggalo: How do Juggalos outside metro Detroit get Faygo?

Q: How do Juggalos outside metro Detroit get Faygo? Do West Coast Juggalos have to just use Shasta?

A: OK, we have touched on this, but we'll go over it a little bit. As far as Faygo, their distribution has finally left the confines of the state of Michigan, so they are in other states, and they are distributed pretty far. But, yeah, man, I have way more to ship out. Actually, I need to contact my homie out in San Diego and touch base and see what he wants as far what I'm gonna ship out to him, you know? And I don't give a shit if it's a couple 20-ouncers, or if this fucker wants a couple cases of 2-liters. Definitely, man. Juggalos do that for each other. Big time.

When cats come in from out of state at the big Hallowicked show each year, you best believe they're packing fuckin' every orifice of their vehicle with as much Faygo pop as they can load down, and then they're packing it back to their state, and they're distributing it. I've even heard of cats taking it as far as owning party stores where their clientele has a decent amount of Juggalos. These motherfuckers are driving in here and loading up and taking it back to their fuckin' stores out of state. And I think that's pretty fucking cool. You know?

Personally, I like Shasta. And there was another rap group from way back in the day, the Evil Smurfs, that was gonna try and do throw out beverages at shows. And they were caught in between if they were gonna throw blue Kool-Aid or Shasta. And, unfortunately, that project never really got off the ground, but the Evil Smurfs were about to break out in the mid-'90s, and their gimmick was gonna be throwing Shasta pop. And, of course, that's just totally perpetratin' off the Clowns, but, for God's sake, they were gonna use Shasta.

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