Ask a Juggalo: Do Juggalos have a problem with the educational system?

Q: Do Juggalos have a problem with the educational system?

A: Well, absolutely not, man. Juggalos and juggalettes are educated. We can read, we can write — things are all good on that level. But, obviously I have a few T-shirts from back in the day that I would wear in high school, and I would have to wear them inside out because they had profanity or curse words on them. But to not be able to wear clothing just because it's deemed "gang-related," now that is very, very offensive, and that is where there's a problem, because that is harassment, persecution, and it is absolutely foul. That's what we're fighting against right now, and thank god there are different organizations that are involved, like the ACLU, because civil liberties have been breached, and we have been harassed for far too long, and it's not right that you can wear your Justin Bieber or your Lady Gaga T-shirt, but you can't wear Insane Clown Posse. I understand where they stand if it has curse words on it — obviously I wouldn't let my kids wear that at school either — but at the end of the day, if it just is one of their album covers or them on the T-shirt, whatever the case is, that's just foul. It's wrong. You could buy a T-shirt, say, like in the late '90s, there was this company called Serial Killer, and they made awesome T-shirts. I used to get them from Showtime in Detroit. I didn't own it, but there was a giant Charlie Manson T-shirt and at the bottom it said, like, "Crazy" in ink, and you can wear that? I mean the man's got a swastika tattooed to his forehead, and you're allowed to wear that but not ICP T-shirts. Wow, man. That's foul. I guess I was fortunate that at my age I was able to wear them.

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