Ask a Juggalo: Are there child Juggalos?

Q: Are there child Juggalos?

A:Oh, sure, sure. There's lots of families that have kids and bring them to shows. We're just like everyone else. Everyone's got kids, I'm actually pregnant right now. We're having our first one here in December. [laughs] There's definitely kids that come to gatherings, there's kids that come to shows, especially Hallowicked and the Christmas ones, the main ones. It's not like it's 50-50, adults and kids, but ... they do show up.

Q: What's the weirdest question you've been asked about Juggalos?

A:Really, it's weird stuff like, "Do you guys have jobs?" It's like, Juggalos are just regular people. People see us in the clown paint and our costumes, our outfits, and don't understand it's just an outlet for us, a way to express ourselves and get away from real life. And I think people just think that that's all that we do. But we all work and have families and stuff that we take care of and this is just our outlet. And even though we look different, we're really the same. We all have kids and pets and houses just like everyone else.

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