Aretha Franklin's National Anthem was long as hell but amazing as ever

Nov 25, 2016 at 11:10 am

Forget whatever you knew about the "Star-Spangled Banner" because Aretha Franklin wiped the floor clean yesterday with her version of the song before the Detroit Lions game.

Yes, her version was long as hell and people were only tuning in for the football, but this is Aretha mother fuckin' Franklin we are talking about. She is a legend, everyone!

Many people took to social after her performance to complain that her version sucked. I even heard it in my own house from my relatives who apparently had nothing better to do than criticize Aretha mother fuckin Franklin's performance (and yes, I will be referring to her as "Aretha mother fuckin' Franklin" for the rest of this piece).

Not only is this woman a legend, one of the best vocalists of all time, and a feminist icon — but she's a superstar who has made Detroit her home and is a proud resident.

Was it fun to make fun of the length of Aretha mother fuckin' Franklin's performance? Sure, even the NFL poked fun at it, and this tweet about Obama aging throughout her performance literally made me laugh out loud — but to say her performance was self-indulgent and awful is completely false.

So go on, Aretha mother fuckin' Franklin. We love you, and we hope that you get to sing every Nation Anthem from here on out. And please, make sure you bring that fur with you every time, girl.