It's 2009, a year if there ever was one about pimpin'. Pimpin' and hookin'. We're all forced to do either one or the other, if you think about it. See, to succeed in our hastily rotting culture one must either pimp oneself or manipulate others to get what one wants. If you don't give a shit about doing either, like this particular digit, you run the risk of, as Harry Crews (I think) once said, live a life of quiet desperation. Bah.

Anyway, having burped up said horseshit, we'd like to take a moment to pimp one of our contributors, Peter Gilstrap. He's a features and film (as in actual films) writer giant whose unfortunate (or brilliant, depending on how you look at it) daily gig now is scribing E! network's The Soup Blog, which accompanies the snotty little TV show. And since so many of our writer pals from around the country are suddenly bounced out of a gig, kudos to Gilstrap for a landing one in a dismal climate, one that actually pays a living wage in old Tinsletown. And it's better than editing a porn magazine!

We're only taking a moment to point this out 'cause The Soup Blog busts guts. Gilstrap -- a pal of this writer who once shared the same Pol Pot-like boss at another chain of alt. weeklies -- churns this shit out with aplomb. Kudos, Mr. Gilstrap.

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