All Dolled Up: Talking fashion with stylist Caitlin Ruggles

This foxy little lady was recently spotted at the UFO Factory in New Detroit (aka Corktown). Caitlin Ruggles lives in Ann Arbor but is currently packing up and moving to Southwest Detroit. She is a freelance stylist and mostly works with wardrobing film or commercials, but she can also be hired as your own personal stylist. Caitlin loves fashion and collects stones, crystals, shoes, nail polish, and shoulder pads. She loves to dance, take baths, help make dreams become reality and also loves to fall in love! This gal believes that fashion is communication and it's all about having fun with it. Caitlin likes to help people who need to break a few rules they didn't realize had manifested, in order to feel more at home in their bodies and in public situations. "If you want to wear hot red bell bottoms, let's figure out how and when, and where and with what, so you can do so without being uncomfortable, damn it!" Caitlin has rad style and definitely knows fashion. Her favorite places to shop are,,, Value World, Salvation Army, The Getup, and American Apparel.

Vintage Green Dress: Salvation Army, $10

Tights, H&M: $12

Boots, Top Shop: $190

Vintage Fur, bought off a broke friend: $60

TOTAL: $272

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