All Dolled Up: Style cues from Sadie Q

Jan 21, 2015 at 1:00 am

Chances are you've spotted this blonde beauty cavorting around town. In fact, we seem to bump into her at about every show we see at the Loving Touch. And Sadie doesn't just hit the town because she's looking to be Detroit's next celebutante — she's not. Instead, she's probably putting on that show you spotted her at or covering it for Hip in Detroit, a local blog she and Christie Laabs run together.

Sadie Q is a woman who wears many hats and has many talents. She's worked for Yelp, been a social worker, and done promotional work for a new app called Tastemade. But, she's not all work and no play. Sadie loves Halloween as it's the perfect excuse for her to dress up like her idol, Courtney Love. In fact, for two years in a row she performed as the grunge rock goddess for Halloween cover shows.

If you deduced that Sadie is a huge fan of music, you'd be right. She's a big supporter of the local scene (remember those shows she's always at?) but she's also a big fan of popular music. Kanye West, Lady Gaga (she likes dressing up like her too), and Whitney Houston are a few of her favorites.

We've never spotted Sadie looking anything less than fabulous, whether she's sporting a bright, body-hugging dress or lots of leopard print. We know we're going to get some fashion cues from her.


Cynthia Rowley:



Brightly Twisted:



Vintage self-studded leather jacket:






Steve Madden:



Steve Madden:



L.A.M.B., Nordstrom:


"Sadie" necklace