All Dolled Up: Alexis Hubbard talks thrifting

Nov 5, 2014 at 1:00 am

Alexis Hubbard grew up shopping at thrift stores (with five kids, her parents didn't have much choice but to buy their clothes secondhand). Like most teens, Alexis didn't love getting used threads while her friends were wearing name brands and sporting the latest trends. But by the time she hit high school, this fashionista had learned to accept her lot and even began to enjoy the special thrill that comes along with finding the perfect piece for super cheap at a resale shop. By college, her peers began to appreciate her one-of-a-kind style for its uniqueness. Her years of experience gave her an edge on those looking to cash in on the latest fashion trend.

Inspired by her years of thrifting, Alexis now runs an online vintage shop that's fully stocked with affordable, unique, and stylish clothing for women. GG Vintage Couture hawks swimsuits, colorful blazers, bodysuits, button-ups, jumpsuits, dresses, and more. Check out the current stock at

Alexis lives by her motto, "Become it. Own it. Be it." She believes in evolving into something great, owning yourself, and making your lifestyle your creed. Clearly, she's doing all three.

Top: Anne Klein, thrifted from Salvation Army, $4

Skirt: Anne Klein, thrifted from Salvation Army, $1

Shoes: Value World, $6.50

Watch: Gucci, thrifted from Hell's Kitchen Vintage Market, $220

TOTAL: $231.50