A funny bunny

Sep 28, 2005 at 12:00 am

Thanks to the Viennese art group Gelatin, a giant pink bunny lies on the side of Colletto Fava mountain, near northern Italy’s Piedmont region, where it is to remain for the next 20 years. The 200-foot-long woolen animal was installed officially on Sept. 18, and will undoubtedly turn into a molding corpse within the next few months, its face half eaten by the elements. But the artists are hoping people will take the opportunity to scale the rabbit and fall asleep on its soft cotton-candy pink stomach.

The controversial group of four artists has been known to pull cheap tricks in the past, such as “The B-Thing,” a temporary balcony they installed on the 148th floor of a World Trade Center tower back in 2000. For more on Gelatin and the bunny project, check out gelitin.net.

Rebecca Mazzei is the arts editor for Metro Times. Send comments to [email protected]