1701 Bespoke will open its second location next week

Apr 17, 2015 at 2:38 pm
When 1701 Bespoke got started back in 2012, it was because co-founder Tom Daguanno was getting married and wanted his groomsmen to look swell in custom suits. Max Schmidt, 1701 Bespoke's other co-founder, was set to be his best man. The two refused to settle for Men's Warehouse tuxedos or the like. So, they formed a relationship with a local tailor and learned all about how small businesses make suits. 

Out of that, grew a small business in itself, which the duo named 1701 Bespoke. Since their friends and acquaintances were clamoring to get their hands on custom suits like the ones Daguanno and Schmidt's wedding attire, they thought they'd set up shop and start crafting similar suits for paying customers.

Their first pop-up shop opened in late 2012 and saw almost immediate success. It stayed open for three months inside the First National Building in Campus Martius.

By January 2014, that shop had closed and the partners were looking for a new space. It's been over a year since that first pop-up closed and they're still negotiating a lease for a shop downtown. In the meantime, the pair have been renting a space in the Chrysler House on a month-to-month lease, while actively looking for a better showroom that could be built out to perfectly fit their needs. It's been 16 months since their original pop-up closed, and they're finally closing in on a deal, though they wouldn't reveal where their new space might be. 

In the meantime, Daguanno and Schmidt managed to find a second location. 1701 Bespoke will open a permanent location at 139 W. Maple Rd., Birmingham Suite A on Tuesday, April 21. 

In 2014 alone, 1701 Bespoke had over 250 customers and made over 600 garments, according to Schmidt. The suits take between four and six weeks to make. Schmidt says many men purchase a suit for their wedding, but upgrade to a nicer fabric and style because they want to be able to wear the suit on other occasions.

Who knew the custom suit-making market was so underserved in Detroit? 

To make an appointment at either of 1701 Bespoke's locations, click here. it's worth it to note that they have over 80 five-star reviews on their website.