15 years of glory

Our teen reviewer looks back at some of the early 'rox your sox' days of video gaming

Yeah, I know. I dig all the old stuff. What can I say? PSX and N64 kick ass, along with good ol' PC games fired up on a crisp, clean CRT monitor. (Ridge Racer came out when I was 2 years old.)



The year Ridge Racer (PSX) was released surely changed the vehicular gaming world for all of us. One of the first driving games to include full-fledged graphics (and do it well), not to mention the Galaga loading screen!



Diablo was among the first multiplayer dungeon crawlers released on the PC. For the first time ever, Blizzard invited us to team up with a few friends and hunt down Diablo himself, gaining experience, equipment and powers all along the way. 



This is probably the most difficult year to categorize, as we had some of the biggest titles rushing at us at the same time. First, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PSX), a classic tale of Alucard (son of Dracula) coming to explore the mystery of his father's evil castle. The much acclaimed Final Fantasy VII (PSX) was the life-changing RPG in which our favorite little kid from the slums (Cloud Strife) and his trusty buster sword track down the fellas at Shinra, and the man himself, Sephiroth.


A lone ranger by the name of Solid Snake sets out to take down a team of hardcore terrorists, housing nuclear warheads and threatening the Pentagon. We thought nuclear war was a problem, until we discovered "Metal Gear" — the weapon used to launch nukes from anywhere anytime. The entire Metal Gear Solid (PSX) game spans more than 18 hours — 18 hours you'll never forget.



I'm aware that I did a piece on Silent Hill (PSX) in an earlier issue. Let me tell you why. It's f***ing good. It's easily the only game from that long, forgotten decade called the 1990s that will, still, scare you shitless if played alone in the dark. The plot is scary simple: Harry Mason sets out to find his daughter in the town of Silent Hill after he crashes his car and she vanishes. Find a copy as soon as possible.



I am a hardcore Diablo fanboy. Those who have truly sat down and figured out how Diablo II (PC) works will tell you the same thing; it is, without doubt, one of the most in-depth, intricate multiplayer RPGs to have come out. The character-build possibilities seem near endless, and the chances you'll have fun are very good.


Tell us what your favorite games were back in the day. Tell us why. Your comments might run in an issue of MT. Send to [email protected]

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