12 Angry Steps - Photo / 12 Angry Steps
Photo / 12 Angry Steps
12 Angry Steps
It's a conceptual rock puzzle. How does a smoldering hardcore growl doused with a shot of bourbon and sedated with a guzzled can of Pabst Blue Ribbon stream effortlessly through metal, punk, rockabilly and country music? That's a question for Dan Halen, the pierced, leather-clad (even in the summer) vocalist-guitarist for 12 Angry Steps. It might have something to do with the band's proximity to Detroit (with all that rock history oozing through the potholes in the pavement and billowing from the metal grates on the sidewalks). The influences make themselves apparent. But what sets this band apart is its intrepid attitude toward music. It's not just about drunken debauchery, playing loud and getting laid to these guys. They're not afraid to unplug and serenade their fans with an acoustic version of "She's a Whore." Now that's dedication.
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