10 more to watch: They Come In Threes

Mar 7, 2001 at 12:00 am

Although we might have to wait a little bit longer than we thought to get our hands on They Come In Three’s debut full-length (the band’s label, Spectator, folded shortly before the release date), that doesn’t mean we have to wait too long to hear the band’s quirky concoctions live. TCI3s continues to be a mainstay on the live scene, perpetually emitting signs of life from the furthest reaches of sound. This Friday, the band plays Gold Dollar as part of the first Mid By Midwest music festival.

As far as the record, the band is working right now on finding a label to put it out. They’ve sent it out to a few places through friends and the mail, but as of now, have no concrete leads. There’ll be another mailing soon enough. Sorry to be a tease, but just know that when the CD finally is made available, you’ll hear the band’s trademark mastering of sonic technology that allows for the quirkiest collections of notes to solidify into a the sweetest Popsicle of a song — 10 songs to be exact. Melding Phil Spector stylings with neo-mod, mystery and a little experimentation, is part of the technique. The other secret ingredients have to do with chemistry and, you know, talent. It all boils down to an attention-grabbing live show that make you scratch your chin and bob your head at the same time. Marvelous.

They Come In Threes perform Friday at Gold Dollar, 3129 Cass (313-833-6873).

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