Trine 2 is a snazzy side-scroller 


Trine 2 


The side-scrolling genre has for the most part been laid to rest by the platformer. Occasionally, a side-scroller gem pops up and gives us all a sense of reassurance. Trine 2 does that. With a beautifully designed environment, the breathtaking in-game and cut-scene visuals are sure to satisfy. The game is also fun and flows nicely. Mostly it's a puzzle game, which involves play between three classes. You have your smart old wizard, big brutish knight and cunning quick thief. It takes place back in ye old-timey era. Each class has unique abilities to solve different puzzles, and bypass certain obstacles. As far as I know, there's a storyline here, but I was too distracted by the beauty and addictiveness to really notice. As far as platforms go, I've only seen Trine 2 available on the PC. With any luck it'll get ported to consoles soon, as everyone should enjoy this. —Josh Sexson 

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