Mother Cyborg has landed

Mother Cyborg has landed

Diana Nucera’s electro-soul debut dances into the digital ether

Sweden’s Little Dragon touches down at the Majestic Theatre

Leaning into sweetness

Why you should get extra stoked for Moon Duo

Chrome-plated space robots

Detroit’s ruling-est funk combo, Will Sessions, drops ‘Deluxe’ this week

Bigger, badder session sounds

Tee Grizzley debuts mixtape ‘My Moment’

Terry Wallace’s grizzly world

Flint Eastwood’s Jax Anderson preps EP release show

The Fisher Queen

Synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani comes to MOCAD

Re-beginning of a New Age

Detroit’s Whiskey Charmers kick ass on second LP

A visit to ‘The Valley’ below

Adult. releases the long-awaited ‘Detroit House Guests’

Bringing it all back home

The Craig Brown Band takes a crack at Detroit country

Sweethearts of the junkyard

Great Lakes Myth Society’s Timothy Monger lights the way with long-awaited solo effort

The night time is the right time

Why you need to see Dwight Twilley’s intimate set at UFO Factory

Fanning the flames of power pop

Detroit’s Creative Minds Coalition is as serious as your life

Making culture-moving records

Bonny Doon’s first album is indie folk perfection

Sunsets slathered in melodies, topped with tape echo

11 acts to look out for at Hamtramck Music Festival 2017

Hamtown throwdown

Mike Doughty talks new band, Wayne Kramer, and Detroit vs. Memphis

‘It sounds kind of like if Can were old people in the 1970s’

MotorKam navigates an entirely new persona

The chosen one

Humons presents an atypical dance evolution

A message to humonity

Killer Mike and El-P argue that the post-political is the most political

The last band that matters

Mike Dutkewych celebrates 7 years of his Downriver dance night

Deep, man

Dance to the beat of ESG

The most-sampled group you’ve never heard of headlines El Club’s Barely Human fest

10 reasons to not miss John Bender at El Club this weekend

Beep squeak hum squawk


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